Value-Added Agriculture

Kern County Agriculture

Kern County Provides Nation’s Food Supply

Agriculture has long been at the heart of Kern County’s economy and recently, new emphasis has been placed on the economic benefits of “value-added” agriculture. Defined as the transformation of agricultural products to a higher value for the end consumer, examples can be seen when carrots are processed into smaller, “baby” carrots, or used in the production of vegetable juice. Locally-produced products like POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice, Wonderful Pistachios, Bunny-Luv Baby Carrots, and Halos Mandarins are well-known national brands.

Kern County is the Number 1 ag producing region in the country!

According to the Agriculture Issues Center at UC Davis, for every 100 jobs linked directly to the agricultural industry, an additional 106 jobs are created in the local economy.  Kern County is the leading ag-producing region in the United States, with 1 in every 5 jobs related to agriculture.  In addition, every dollar generated by value-added ag leads to an additional $1.27 generated by the region’s non-agriculture economy.

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Rank Commodity Value
Source: 2017 Kern County Agricultural Crop Report, released September 2018
1 Grapes, all $1,747,529,000
2 Almonds, including by-products $1,261,738,000
3 Citrus, fresh & processing $942,926,000
4 Milk, Marketing & Manufacturing $618,845,000
5 Pistachios $555,524,000
6 Carrots, Fresh & Process $424,432,000
7 Cattle & Calves $318,019,000
8 Potatoes, Fresh & Processing $112,853,000
9 Alfalfa $101,200,000
10 Apiary $93,493,000




Kern County Agricultural Crops

Total Value Comparisons 2008-2017

Source: 2017 Kern County Agricultural Crop Report, released September 2018

 Top 10 Countries for Kern County Ag Exports

Source: 2016 Kern County Agricultural Crop Report, released September 2017

Note: Destination countries ranked by number of Phytosanitary Certificates issued (listed greatest to least).

Top Commodities Exported from Kern County

Source: 2017 Kern County Agricultural Crop Report, released September 2018

Major Agriculture Companies in Kern County

  • ASV Wines, Inc.
  • Bidart Brothers
  • Bolthouse Farms, Inc.
  • Califia Farms
  • Cal-Organic Farms
  • Central Valley Almond Association
  • Crystal Geyser
  • Delano Growers Grape
  • Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream
  • Famoso Nut Rio Bravo
  • Farmers Cooperative Almond Huller, Inc.
  • Frito-Lay, Inc
  • Giumarra Vineyards Corporation
  • Golden Empire Nut
  • Golden State Vintners
  • Grimmway Farms
  • Johnston Farms
  • Kern-Tulare Almond Processing
  • Kern Ridge Growers
  • Langer’s Juice
  • Marko Zaninovich, Inc.
  • Pacific Almonds Processing
  • Palm LLC
  • Pandol & Sons
  • Panoche Creek Packing
  • Paramount Citrus
  • Paramount Farms
  • Production Pillsbury
  • Primex Farms Pistachios
  • Sara Lee Bakery Group
  • Shafter – Wasco Ginning and Almond Hulling Co.
  • South Family Farms
  • Sun Gro Commodities
  • Sun Pacific
  • Sunny Gem Almond Processing
  • The Garlic Company
  • Thomson International
  • Tomato Company LLC
  • Vetch Farms Almond Processing

Source: Compiled by Kern EDC using Employment Development Department Information