Target Industries

A healthy economy has a diverse portfolio of competitive and newly emerging clusters. The five industries listed below are what our county “does for a living.”

Industry Total Companies in Our Current Portfolio
Transportation, Logistics & Advanced Manufacturing 60%
Energy & Natural Resources 20%
Value-Added Agriculture 10%
Healthcare Services 5%
Aerospace & Defense 5%


Aerospace Icon

Aerospace & Defense

Boeing, Virgin Galactic, and Edwards Air Force Base are just a few of the globally recognized names in aerospace and defense. Kern County is at the heart of California’s military and defense presence and the industry contributes significantly to the state’s economy and workforce.  The aerospace and defense cluster is focused in East Kern, where Mojave Air and Space Port, China Lake Naval Weapons Air Station and Edwards Air Force Base are located. More about this industry →

Energy Icon

Energy & Natural Resources

With national rankings for both traditional energy (petroleum) and renewables (wind and solar), Kern County is the leading energy provider for the state of California and is connected to the strongest players in the global energy industry. Additionally, Kern County also leads as a producer of natural gas, hydro-electric power, geothermal, and is noted for its mineral wealth, including gold, borate, and kernite. More about this industry →

Health Care Icon

Health Care Services

Always two steps ahead, Kern County’s growing number of health care providers are investing in cutting-edge technology and offering the latest treatment options. With almost 900,000 living in Kern, and over 379,000 in Bakersfield alone, demand for highly skilled and innovative healthcare facilities and personnel continues to increase. More about this industry →


Transportation, Logistics, & Advanced Manufacturing

Kern County’s transportation, logistics and advanced manufacturing industry is strongly united with oil and agriculture, which continue to be the region’s strongest assets. With ideal geographic location in California, the area is home to major distribution centers such as IKEA, Target, Ross, Frito Lay, Nestle, and many more. More about this industry →


Value-Added Agriculture

From grapes to livestock, Kern County’s agriculture products feed communities around the world and strengthen the local, state, and national economy. As the nation’s leading producer of goods, the Agriculture industry generates a fifth of the county’s gross domestic product and employs up to 20 percent of its workforce. More about this industry →