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Strategic Location

Kern County is California’s population center, within a four hour truck drive of 36 million people.

  • Proximity to the world’s 6th largest economy
  • Access:Interstate 5, Highway 99 North and South, Highway 46 West to Coast, and Highway 58 East to Interstate 15.

Available Land & Facilities

With a single digit vacancy rate and price range of $1.50 -$6.00 per square foot for industrial zoned land, Kern enjoys a more affordable commercial real estate environment than many other counties in California. Benefits:

  • Class I rail service from Union Pacific and BNSF
  • Intermodal Service
  • Foreign Trade Zone status

Quality, Affordable Workforce

Kern County’s economy has historically been rooted in the energy and agriculture industries. While these sectors contribute to the fluctuations in the unemployed and underemployed, it also creates an ideal opportunity for industrial employers wanting access to an affordable, motivated labor force.

  • Cost for doing business in Kern is 93% of the national average
  • Low employee turnover rates well below industry averages


  • Short permit and plan check
  • Typically in days or weeks rather than months or years