Recent Accolades

With news headliners like this, it’s easy to see why Kern County is “the land of opportunity.” Kern continues to emerge as a West Coast economic powerhouse!

  Kern in Top 5 California Counties with Lowest Cost of Living– (California Budget and Policy Center, December 2017)

  Kern No. 4 Most Affordable County for Two-Parent-Working Families – (California County News, December 2017)

  Kern County No. 8 for Lowest Home Vacancy Rates –  (Buffalo Business First, November 2017)

  Kern County No. 4 for Credit Card Debt Relief –  (SmartAsset, November 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 1 Most Affordable Large City Housing Market in California –  (SmartAsset, October 2017)

  Kern County No. 1 Ag Producer in Nation –  (Kern County Crop Report, September 2017)

  Bakersfield MSA No. 4 for Architecture and Engineering Professions  –  (Abodo, September, 2017)

  Bakersfield MSA No. 8 City Where Salaries Go Furthest –  (Indeed Blog, August 2017)

  CSUB in National Top 10 for Masters Degree Programs –  (Washington Monthly, August 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 2 Best City for Weather –  (WalletHub, July 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 2 Best City to Get Out of Debt –  (SmartAsset, June 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 10 for Highest Minimum Wage–  (SmartAsset, June 2017)

  Bakersfield MSA No. 2 Large Metro in U.S. for Most Diversified Economy –  (WalletHub, May 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 3 in Nation for Human Capital Availability (WalletHub, May 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 5 in Nation for Teacher & First Responder Homeownership Affordability (, April 2017)

 Bakersfield No. 3 in Nation for Millennial Home Ownership (, January 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 2 in Nation for Best Cities to Get Out of Credit Card Debt (SmartAsset, January 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 4 in California for Job Growth in Leisure/Hospitality Sector (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, October 2016)

  Bakersfield No. 2 for Large City Growth (WalletHub, October 2016)

  Bakersfield No. 1 in New Manufacturing Jobs (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, September 2016)

  Bakersfield No. 1 for Housing Affordability in California (Demographia, August 2016)

  Bakersfield MSA No. 4 for Information Services Job Growth (, August 2016)

  Kern No. 2 Best Oil and Gas Economy (Headlight Data, July 2016)

  Bakersfield No. 20 for Livability (WalletHub, July 2016)

  Bakersfield Ranked No. 2 as Most Affordable Cities for Retirees (Forbes, April 2016)

  Bakersfield MSA No.1 Highest Average Revenue of Women-Owned Businesses (WalletHub, February 2016)

  Kern County No. 1 for Wind Power Capacity In U.S.
  (Brookings Institution, September 2015)

  Kern’s Bakersfield MSA NO. 5 for Best Mid-Sized City  (New Geography, August 2015)

  Kern County Home to World’s Largest Solar Plant  (August 2015)

  Top 10 for Economic Recovery in the U.S. (Brookings Institution, March 2015)

  #2 Metro for Easy Job Commute Distance (Brookings Institution, March 2015)

  Top 20 Best Places for Engineers in U.S. (Nerd Wallet, February 2015)

  Top 30 Best-Performing Cities in the U.S. (Milken Institute, January 2015)

  #2 Millennial Job Growth Creation
(Forbes, June 2014)

  #1 Metro for Fastest-Growing Workforce (Bureau of Labor Statistics, March 2014)

  #5 Metro in U.S. for Upward Mobility (National Bureau of Economic Research, January 2014)

  Top 20 Best Performing U.S. Metro
(Milken Institute, December 2013)

  #3 Strongest-Recovering Areas in U.S.  (Brookings Institution, September 2013)

  Top 15 Fastest-Growing Metro GDP (Bureau of Economic Analysis, September 2013)

  #9 Engineering Jobs per Capita (Forbes, July 2013)

  #4 Region for STEM Jobs (Brookings Institution, June 2013)