Recent Accolades


With news headliners like this, it’s easy to see why Kern County is “the land of opportunity.” Kern continues to emerge as a West Coast economic powerhouse!

 Bakersfield Ranked as Most Livable City in the U.S. for Minimum Wage– (, April 2019)

 Bakersfield Named One of the Best U.S. Cities to Retire– (GO Baking Rates, April 2019)

 Bakersfield No. 2 Best Cities to Get Out of Debt– (SmartAsset, March 2019)

 Kern County 2nd Most Affordable Housing Market in California– (California Association of Realtors, August 2018)

 Kern County Occupations Pay More Than the US Average– (, June 2018)

 Kern County Announced As Wind  Capital of the World– (, May 2018)

 Kern EDC Wins CALED Award of Merit – (CALED, March 2018)

 Bakersfield Named Fastest-Growing Area for Green Cars – (, March 2018)

 Bakersfield No. 9 Market in Nation to Watch –  (, March 2018)

 CSUB One of the “Best Value” Colleges in the U.S. –  (Best Value Schools Survey, February 2018)

  Kern in Top 5 California Counties with Lowest Cost of Living –  (California Budget and Policy Center, December 2017)

  Kern No. 4 Most Affordable County for Two-Parent-Working Families –  (California County News, December 2017)

  Kern County No. 8 for Lowest Home Vacancy Rates –  (Buffalo Business First, November 2017)

  Kern County No. 4 for Credit Card Debt Relief –  (SmartAsset, November 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 1 Most Affordable Large City Housing Market in California –  (SmartAsset, October 2017)

  Kern County No. 1 Ag Producer in Nation –  (Kern County Crop Report, September 2017)

  Bakersfield MSA No. 4 for Architecture and Engineering Professions  –  (Abodo, September, 2017)

  Bakersfield MSA No. 8 City Where Salaries Go Furthest –  (Indeed Blog, August 2017)

  CSUB in National Top 10 for Masters Degree Programs –  (Washington Monthly, August 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 2 Best City for Weather –  (WalletHub, July 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 2 Best City to Get Out of Debt –  (SmartAsset, June 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 10 for Highest Minimum Wage–  (SmartAsset, June 2017)

  Bakersfield MSA No. 2 Large Metro in U.S. for Most Diversified Economy –  (WalletHub, May 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 3 in Nation for Human Capital Availability – (WalletHub, May 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 5 in Nation for Teacher & First Responder Homeownership Affordability –  (, April 2017)

 Bakersfield No. 3 in Nation for Millennial Home Ownership –  (, January 2017)

  Bakersfield No. 2 in Nation for Best Cities to Get Out of Credit Card Debt –  (SmartAsset, January 2017)


  Bakersfield No. 4 in California for Job Growth in Leisure/Hospitality Sector –  (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, October 2016)

  Bakersfield No. 2 for Large City Growth   (WalletHub, October 2016)

  Bakersfield No. 1 in New Manufacturing Jobs   (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, September 2016)

  Bakersfield No. 1 for Housing Affordability in California –  (Demographia, August 2016)

  Bakersfield MSA No. 4 for Information Services Job Growth –  (, August 2016)

  Kern No. 2 Best Oil and Gas Economy –  (Headlight Data, July 2016)

  Bakersfield No. 20 for Livability –  (WalletHub, July 2016)

  Bakersfield Ranked No. 2 as Most Affordable Cities for Retirees –  (Forbes, April 2016)

  Bakersfield MSA No.1 Highest Average Revenue of Women-Owned Businesses –  (WalletHub, February 2016)

  Kern County No. 1 for Wind Power Capacity In U.S.
  –  (Brookings Institution, September 2015)

  Kern’s Bakersfield MSA NO. 5 for Best Mid-Sized City  –  (New Geography, August 2015)

  Kern County Home to World’s Largest Solar Plant  –  (August 2015)

  Top 10 for Economic Recovery in the U.S. –  (Brookings Institution, March 2015)

  #2 Metro for Easy Job Commute Distance –  (Brookings Institution, March 2015)

  Top 20 Best Places for Engineers in U.S. –  (Nerd Wallet, February 2015)

  Top 30 Best-Performing Cities in the U.S. –  (Milken Institute, January 2015)

  #2 Millennial Job Growth Creation
–  (Forbes, June 2014)

  #1 Metro for Fastest-Growing Workforce –  (Bureau of Labor Statistics, March 2014)

  #5 Metro in U.S. for Upward Mobility –  (National Bureau of Economic Research, January 2014)

  Top 20 Best Performing U.S. Metro
 –  (Milken Institute, December 2013)

  #3 Strongest-Recovering Areas in U.S. –  (Brookings Institution, September 2013)

  Top 15 Fastest-Growing Metro GDP –  (Bureau of Economic Analysis, September 2013)

  #9 Engineering Jobs per Capita –  (Forbes, July 2013)

  #4 Region for STEM Jobs –  (Brookings Institution, June 2013)