Wild and Scenic Kern


Driving Distance: 149 Miles

  • Start your trip at the California Living Museum (10500 Alfred Harrell Highway; 661-872-2256). From here,  Route 178 starts its intimate, at times awesome, acquaintance with the river’s steep-walled canyon.
  • The wild and scenic Kern River, host to a number of international whitewater kayaking competitions and rafting tours, and tumbles along this rocky course. Within 30 minutes or so, you’ll find yourself at Isabella Lake.  (42 miles)
  • Now you’ve got choices to make.  State Route 178 continues east, to Audubon Kern River (760-378-2531), located at 18747 State Route 178 (15 miles), or…
  • Head north along State Route 155 and you’ll find the entrance to historic Keyesville and their annual classic mountain bike race, continue farther to Kernville. launching point for tours of the Trail of 100 Giants. (13 miles)
  • Westbound on State Route 155, the community of Glennville (24 miles) At Woody, the road divides to yet another choice of routes.  The former Butterfield Stagecoach stop of Granite Station and on oilfields to Bakersfield via Oildale, or continue down State Route 155 to Delano. (37 miles)
  • Located in the midst of the San Joaquin Valley vineyard region, is Delano, astride the main valley artery State Route 99, were you will find  Delano Heritage Park (330 Lexington Street; 661-725-6730) and Lake Woollomes.
  • Head to Wasco, the Rose Growing Capital of America, and visit Weeks Roses  (30135 McCombs Road; 661-758-5821).


Image and Driving Tour Source: Kern County Board of Trade; VisitKern.com.