Kern County No. 1 Ag Producer in Country

Kern was recently named as the number one agriculture producer in the country, in large part due to the area’s pistachios and cherries.  Cherry yields per acre were up 250 percent and total acreage also saw a three-fold increase over last year’s production to nearly 28,000 tons.  Kern also leads the state in pistachio and almond production.

About 40 percent of the state’s pistachio crop and 20 percent of the nation’s almond production happens here in Kern County.

This compares to 23 and 20 percent, respectively, in Fresno County, and 13 and 3 percent, respectively, in Tulare County.  Grapes and almonds, Kern’s top-two commodities, are each valued at over $1 billion. Citrus is a close third at well over $800 million in gross value.

Click here to read the entire Kern County Crop Report for 2016

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