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The Brilliance of Yellow Sapphires

Andrew W John

Belonging to the corundum family, which is a form of crystal aluminum oxide, yellow sapphires and their equally showy cousins are really something to behold. Yellow sapphires are as rare as are other color variants among the sapphire family in fact, many are unaware that these colors can exist in these stones. When iron is present in the aluminum oxide crystal cheap replica michael kors forming a sapphire, cheap Michael Kors a yellow sapphire is the result.

Sapphires are very hard stones, registering a 9 on the Mohs scale, and second only to the diamond in hardness. This makes the yellow discount michael kors sapphire not only a unique stone, but a very durable stone that can take everyday wear and retain its brilliance. As yellow sapphires increase in popularity, it is easier fake michael kors to find them in rings, pendants and earrings.

The yellow sapphire can be found in sapphire mines in Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. While top quality sapphires of all colors are rare, synthetic sapphires are made in the lab all the time. Synthetic sapphires contain all the properties of real sapphires; they were just created in a laboratory instead of in the earth over the course of millions of years. Yellow synthetic sapphires sparkle just as brilliantly as replica michael kors those mined from the earth and they’ll be a little more affordable than the real stones.

Like any gemstone, replica cheap Michael Kors price is dependent on a few factors: color, size and clarity, with cut also being important in pricing. A perfectly cut gem will still sparkle in artificial indoor lighting, Michael Kors handbag outlet which is one sign of a truly expert gem cutter. Stones which have been mined as opposed to made (a la synthetic gems), are higher in price. Natural untreated stones are also more expensive than stones which have been heat treated for purposes of coloring.

There is a lot of folklore surrounding cheap michael kors purses yellow sapphires. Reputed to foster friendship and bring people together, as well as increase mental faculties, bring financial success and treat depression. They are also said to be beneficial to the health of the respiratory system and the liver. Other folklore concerns which hand to wear a yellow sapphire ring on, but these are not generally followed these days.

Prized for it’s bright yellow color whether mounted in gold or in silver, Yellow sapphires have the elegance of its fellow sapphires of all colors. Yellow sapphires are a real eye cheap michael kors catcher, gathering attention in any setting. A yellow sapphire should be at least considered as a good choice for an engagement ring stone.

If you don’t yet have a yellow sapphire in your jewelry collection, get one. This beautiful gem is just too unique cheap michael kors handbags to pass by.Articles Connexes: