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The 7 Ballsiest Pranks You Won’t Believe Actually Worked

Real pranks never work out the way they do on movies and TV. It’s a lot harder than it looks to fill a guy’s apartment with pudding, or replace the Statue of Liberty’s torch with a giant dildo. Real life practical jokes are usually small scale and largely annoying.

Yet. every once in a while somebody will strike gold.

We’re not sure what would be considered the best possible outcome for a prank, but man, getting a world leader to become so enraged he calls you a “faggot” in public has to be way up there.

Prank calls have long been a radio DJ staple, which is one reason why so many of us don’t listen to the cheap Michael Kors radio any more. But at least once, this annoying stunt yielded discount michael kors awesome results: In 2003 a pair of Miami DJs, Joe Ferrero and Enrique Santos, started by calling up Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Tragically, Chavez has been stuck in 2003 ever since.

You wouldn’t think getting Chavez on the line would be easy. If it were, world leaders would constantly be replica michael kors getting calls from pranksters and other bored world leaders all hours of the night. But while the unofficial requirements (balls that can be used to anchor hot air balloons) are probably hard to come by, Ferrero and Santos only had to bluff their way past a few aides before using pre recorded clips of Fidel Castro to chat with Chavez himself.

Eventually the hosts broke in with a few well reasoned, intellectual arguments (by which we mean they swore cheap Michael Kors at him for a cheap michael kors bit) and hung up. They received a fair bit of both praise and criticism, but they weren’t finished yet.

A few months later they pulled the same stunt on Castro, this time using clips of their conversation with Chavez to pretend to be him. Now, pulling a prank on a head of state is kind of impressive, but ultimately you’re still just phoning up some old guy and insulting Michael Kors handbag outlet him. Unless, of course, the head of state in question decides to start swearing cheap replica michael kors back at you, at which point you have something greater. And a minor international incident.

When Castro realized what was going on he called the DJs “shit eaters,” “faggots” and, in a stunning display of ingenuity, “big faggots,” along with a couple of other choice phrases before hanging up.

“Yo momma so fat, bitch cut her leg and all that came out was gravy.”

So what would have been a minor, quickly forgotten event instead made international headlines, since everyone realized that only the lack of a camera on his phone saved the two DJs from getting a retaliatory photo of Castro’s balls. The FCC fined the radio station $4,000, which is apparently the fine for provoking a communist leader into insulting your sexuality.

Is there still a fine if he comes on to you?

6. You’re All Going to Die! Haha, Not Really

Back in 1980, a local cheap michael kors purses news station in Boston decided to pull the classic April Fools’ joke, “Make People Flee in Fear for Their Lives.”

The station reported that a volcano near Milton, Massachusetts was erupting, and the announcement was complete with stock footage of lava and a statement by then President Carter, assembled with sound bites.

The producer behind the prank was

You know what their prank was missing? An actual, physical, simulated volcano eruption.

Maybe they should have learned from Sitka, Alaska resident Porky Bickar, who, six years earlier, managed to pull off a much more elaborate and better thought out prank. On April Fools’ Day, he used a rented helicopter to carry a hundred old tires, rags, fuel, oil and smoke bombs to an actual volcano a few miles away, where he wrote “April Fool” in giant letters in the snow before setting all of that shit on fire.

“Is this maybe a little excessive? Nah.”

Of course, from a few miles away his letters weren’t visible, all residents saw was a column of fucking black smoke drifting up from the local fucking volcano.

We know what you’re thinking: When a wacky prank gets pulled, the cops are immediately going to go looking for the guy named “Porky.” But here’s the twist: They already knew about it.

Porky had cleared his prank with the local police and the FAA ahead of time, who told him to go for it. Yes, the 70s were a different time, kids. An awesome time.

5. A Millionaire Gives a Kind Gift to Strangers In Need. Of Being Laughed At!

What would you do if a stranger came up and offered to buy you a new wardrobe?

Under normal circumstances you’d probably back away slowly or go for your pepper spray, since the alternative almost certainly involves starring in some videos cheap michael kors handbags that will shame you and your family forever. But if you were hearing it at a clothing store, from a woman who rolled up in a limo and claimed she’d just won the lottery, then you might be a little more receptive.

Well, that’s exactly what happened at a Burlington Coat Factory in Columbus, Ohio, where a woman named Linda Brown went to the cash register and announced she would pay for everyone’s purchases.

Customers predictably reacted to this generous offer michael kors cheap by grabbing all the shit they could get their hands on, as well as calling friends and family members to come get a piece of the charity action. The result was that 500 people crammed into the store, along with up to three times as many outside trying to get in. Oh, and two dozen police officers also showed up to try to control the crowd and/or score some sweet new coats.Articles Connexes: