How We Benefit You!

Kern EDC does such a fantastic job of advocating for business retention and growth in Kern County! Developing a business or project is a daunting task no matter where you are. There are a vast array of issues that must be addressed and multiple risks to manage. Kern EDC provides valuable information and support during these project developments.

-Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc.

Direct impact on your bottom line

Many members and other local businesses will benefit directly from companies locating to or expanding in Kern County. New companies will use goods and services in their new community and your business will be there to fulfill those needs.

Benefit of growth in local industry

Everyone benefits from a healthy economy. Even organizations that don’t immediately receive financial return from companies relocating to or expanding in Kern County will feel the economic impact of Kern EDC activities. When those new or growing companies hire their workforce and pay a good wage, those new employees will spend their money locally, on businesses like yours. Whether it’s increased spending on major purchases, clothing, recreation or other discretionary spending, we all benefit. These civic-minded organizations recognize the value of  a vibrant economy and know that Kern County residents highly value their first-rate quality of life.


Strengthening ties with our Celtic neighbours

Scotland and Ireland have a long standing friendship, which is based on a shared history, culture and language. To further joint efforts to strengthen this relationship and enhance Scottish and Irish co operation, I visited Dublin last month, where I cheap michael kors purses met the Irish Government, Enterprise Ireland and gave a speech at the Institute for International and European Affairs (IIEA). During which we replica michael kors discussed improving our bilateral relations, EU reform, and the Smith Commission. Afterwards we headed outside for fake michael kors a few photographs outside Government building to publicise the upcoming and extremely cheap Michael Kors important Scotland v Ireland football match. As a Kerry Gaelic football legend, Jimmy was also more than happy to have an opportunity to display his cheap michael kors skills!

During the trip I also met with Enterprise Ireland to discuss their work in Scotland and also how to further economic co operation. Enterprise Ireland updated me on the high rate of growth of exports from Irish companies to Scotland over the past few years and I was particularly interested in hearing about their female entrepreneurship programme, which encourages and supports female led start ups.

I then travelled to the IIEA, where I delivered a talk on the Scottish referendum and the prospects for constitutional cheap michael kors bags reform. After the speech, there was a Q with a very engaged audience, during which there was a lot of interest about cheap michael kors handbags our recent developments in Scotland. There was also discussion around the future of the UK in the EU.

During the session, Brendan replica cheap Michael Kors Halligan, the Chairman of the IIEA, explained Michael Kors handbag outlet to us the Irish term “glic”, to be street smart, and the importance of a small nation in the world being “glic”.

Scotland really values its longstanding relationship with Ireland. We have much in common with our Celtic neighbours and we recognise that cheap Michael Kors there is much we can learn from our Irish friends, whether that’s being more “glic” in our ever changing globalised world, or making best use of the framework of the EU to ensure we can maximise opportunities to help all of Scotland to flourish.

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