Inaugural STEMposium Will Link Business and Education in Kern County

People tend to think of “economic development” as growing businesses and creating jobs, and that is, indeed, at the heart of our efforts at Kern EDC.  However, every business owner and HR professional knows that a business is only as good as the people that fill those jobs.  They need a team that is reliable and possesses both the soft skills and the hard skills to be successful.

That’s where Kern EDC’s sister non-profit, the Kern Economic Development FOUNDATION (KEDF), comes in.  Recently, the KEDF board of directors voted to redefine its mission and to focus its workforce and professional development programs on efforts relating to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

KEDF’s board of directors recently appointed Cheryl Scott to the position of executive director for the Foundation.  Cheryl has served as vice president of Kern EDC since 2005, and she will continue in the Kern EDC role.  Much of Cheryl’s attention will now be focused on KEDF, where she will work closely with Foundation Coordinator Courtney Ansolabehere to expand the Foundation’s current programs like high school mentoring and the AWE professional development membership group.

KEDF Executive Director Cheryl Scott
kedc-64Foundation Coordinator Courtney Ansolabehere 


Bridging the business and education communities is top priority for the Foundation, and was the stimulus for creation of the Inaugural Kern County STEMposium, set for May 19, 2017 at Bakersfield College.  Chevron, a consistent supporter of STEM efforts in Kern County, will be the Premier Sponsor of the STEMposium.

At the day-long STEMposium, students will showcase their best STEM-related projects of the school year, while business representatives display equipment and demonstrate skills needed to be successful in the local workplace.  STEMposium sponsorship information is available HERE.

If you’d like to participate in the STEMposium Steering Committee, or another program of the Foundation, call Cheryl or Courtney at 661-862-5150.

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