Honda Confirms $25 Million Investment will Stay in Kern County

honda logoKern EDC is pleased to share the attached announcement, see link below, from Honda Proving Center of California, detailing their upcoming $25 million renovation and expansion of their facility located in Cantil in the Mojave Desert.

Although Honda had utilized the Kern County property for 20 years (1990-2010), several other locations outside the area were considered for this project. Honda contacted Kern EDC’s Melinda Brown in October to discuss the potential reopening, along with plans for future investment. Their final decision, though, would hinge on the County of Kern and opportunities for partnering with the County.


Honda Proving Grounds in Mojave

Honda was impressed with Kern County’s business-friendly approach.

“After several discussions, the County’s strong support was clear, causing Honda to select the Cantil site for the project,” Melinda said.

The first phase is expected to open in April 2016 and, eventually, more than 20 employees are expected to be hired.


Click here for Honda Proving Center of California news release.


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