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With a mix of “old and new” energy sources prevalent in Kern County, the Energy Summit’s main purpose is to create public awareness about the region’s resources, energy innovation, and technological development as it affects the area’s position as an economic powerhouse. The Summit also serves as a platform for business, government, and community leaders to come together in support of the shared vision of growing a diversified energy portfolio, a healthy environment, a robust economy, and creating sustainable jobs for Kern County.

Kevin Hopkins


Kern County Energy Portfolio & Forecast

Kevin Hopkins, Director of Research of the Communications Institute
Mr. Hopkins presented the driving factors that make Kern’s energy industry one of the strongest in the nation. What are the key elements that generate growth? Will the pace of new projects subside or accelerate the year and next? How does this impact Kern’s workforce? Mr. Hopkins also presented a new forecast of the Kern County energy industry and how it will influence the local economy.

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Technologies Helping Across Industries



Technological Innovations in the Energy Sector

Eileen Shibley, CEO of Monarch, Inc. 

Monarch, Inc. provided insights and opportunities to use emerging unmanned systems technologies, as well as proven software environments, to revolutionize how data are collected and images are used in the various energy sectors. Eileen’s presentation highlighted what is happening world-wide in this arena and what opportunities and challenges there are to fully integrate these technologies into the various processes in place for wind turbine inspections, pipe line inspections, inventory control, route planning, stack inspections, and many more.

View Eileen Shibley’s PowerPoint Presentation


Roberto RuizRuiz


Meeting environmental standards while improving performance efficiency

Roberto Ruiz, Senior Vice President of Product Development, ClearSign Combustion Corporation

Driven by increasingly strict environmental regulations, demand for emissions control technology is at an all-time high across the oil industry. Ruiz discussed the evolving regulatory landscape in Kern County and Southern California, highlighting its impact on oil producers and refiners. He also provided an overview of recent technological advancements that enable oil companies to economically comply with environmental regulations while also improving operations and enhancing profitability.

View Roberto Ruiz’s PowerPoint Presentation



Nissan EV Leadership & Elevating San Joaquin EV Adoption

Jeannie Lam, Electric Vehicle Business Development Manager, Nissan North America, Inc.

Nissan North America has been leading the zero emission 100% electric vehicle adoption in the US for over the past year and a half. Nissan is collaborating with government, universities and the private sector across the country to build EV adoption at the workplace and in the community. In continuation of being the zero emission leader Nissan is focusing in the San Joaquin Valley area by leading the SJV EV Partnership and putting a roadmap together with this public private partnership to elevate EV adoption from Stockton to Bakersfield.

View Jeannie Lam’s Presentation

Mark Irwin


The Future of Energy Storage

Mark Irwin, Director, Technology Development, Advanced Technology, Southern California Edison
Energy storage involves a range of technologies that can store electricity for future use. Southern California Edison is working on several demonstration projects which aim to evaluate some of these technologies, performing different functions at various locations on the grid. The largest and widest ranging of these demonstration projects was recently completed and began testing in Tehachapi.

View Mark Irwin’s PowerPoint Presentation

Solar Innovation

Bill Kelly


Bill Kelly, SunPower Corporation Managing Director

Mr. Kelly serves as SunPower managing director, for the education and public sector, and is responsible for establishing partnerships with business and public leaders, while driving the team that delivers high performing SunPower systems to commercial customers in the Americas. His presentation reviewed SunPower’s commitment to supporting youth training in STEM education and how the company has invested in programs to prepare future generations to work in our ever growing energy industry.

View Bill Kelly’s PowerPoint Presentation


Jefferson Litten


Jefferson Litten, Solarize Program Manager, Community Environmental Council 

As Program Manager, Jefferson has directed ten Solarize Group Purchasing programs across Central California.  These programs have collectively led to 350 solar conversions and 1500 kilowatts of residential solar installations. In partnership with Kern Economic Development Foundation, Solarize is gearing up for a program in Kern County.

View Jefferson Litten’s PowerPoint Presentation


John O'Donnell
John O’Donnell, Vice President of Business Development, GlassPoint Solar 

New technologies for producing low-carbon California crude
California has implemented the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), which aims to reduce the carbon intensity of transportation fuels and will have a significant impact on Kern County’s energy industry. O’Donnell’s presentation provided an overview of how innovative technologies like solar Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) can help local oil companies reduce emissions at the lowest cost. Furthermore, Mr. O’Donnell discussed how the widespread adoption of solar EOR can avoid petroleum demand destruction and retain jobs in California.

View John O’Donnell’s PowerPoint Presentation

Dan Reicher

The Clean Energy Triangle: Technology, Policy, and Finance 

Dan Reicher, Executive Director, The Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance at Stanford University

Reicher spoke on the transformation of the U.S. energy sector, including how policy changes have tremendously driven opportunity for business and investment and what that means for Kern County. He has more than 25 years of experience in energy and environmental policy, finance, and technology.  Reicher has served three Presidents in such positions as Assistant Secretary of Energy for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and Department of Energy Chief of Staff. 

 PowerPoint Presentation not available.

Arthur Lee


Chevron’s Climate Change Actions

Arthur Lee, Chevron Fellow and Principal Advisor, Environment and Climate Assessment

Mr. Lee described current climate change issues and its relevant impacts on Chevron’s business.  He also reviewed the actions Chevron is taking to reduce emissions and also help others address climate change.

View Arthur Lee’s PowerPoint Presentation

Johnny Casana


Wind Energy and California’s Energy Future

Johnny Casana, EDP Government and Regulatory Affairs Regional Manager – Western Region
Innovations in wind energy technology have profoundly reduced costs in recent years. Wind energy is now cost-competitive with any other form of electricity generation, and Kern County has one of the greatest wind resources in the world, and will play an important part in California’s energy future.

Melissa Poole


What does the drought mean for Kern County’s water supply?

Melissa Poole, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Paramount Farming Company

Ms. Poole  discussed the implications on major industries of Kern County, including energy, both political and practical, of this record three-year drought.

View Melissa Poole’s PowerPoint Presentation 

Bret Lane


Fueling the Future Economy

Bret Lane, Chief Operating Officer, Southern California Gas Company
SoCalGas COO Bret Lane discussed the long- and short-term role of natural gas in our energy future. He examined the unique climate and regulatory challenges that exist in California. He also explained how natural gas can help improve air quality, grow local economies, create jobs and support education.

No PowerPoint presentation was used.

Lorelei Oviatt


Kern County Energy Sector – Planned and Ready

Lorelei Oviatt, Director of Community and Planning Development, Kern County Planning Department
Business investment comes to areas that are ready with streamlined permitting and proactive government policies. Attendees learned about the ongoing work of Kern County to provide fast-track permitting with environmental protection for our energy sectors and future economic prosperity.

View Lorelei Oviatt’s PowerPoint Presentation

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