2013 Energy Summit

Thank you to all who attended the 2013 Energy Summit!

Seventh Annual Kern County Energy SummitSince 2007, this regionally-renowned event has served as a timely and relevant platform for information on energy innovation and development as it affects Kern County’s position as a U.S. industry leader. This year’s event covered recent technological advances in the renewable and petroleum energy sectors, how local businesses can better incorporate those changes into their operations; future development forecasts for the industry; and how those advances directly impact Kern County.

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For your records, the following presenters have agreed to share their presentation:

 Ethan Elkind

Energy Policy Trends: Business Innovation in a Changing Environment

Ethan Elkind, Bank of America Climate Policy Associate, UC Berkeley and UCLA Schools of Law
New energy-related policies at the federal, state, and local levels are changing the business and environmental landscape in Kern County. From high speed rail and related land use development to renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, and electric vehicles, Kern County businesses will need to respond to the trends. Mr. Elkind covered the policies and business innovations that are helping to drive these changes.

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 Tom Buttgenbach

Solar Industry Update

Tom Buttgenbach, Ph.D., President, 8minutenergy Renewables
Mr. Buttgenbach of 8minutenergy Renewables, a leading developer of ground-mounted Solar PV power, discussed the process of solar development with a particular emphasis on how it benefits California and Kern County. His presentation examined trends in the cost of solar power; the pros and cons of utility-scale solar power compared to other forms of fossil and renewable energy; and the “smart from the start” solar development processes.

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 Paul Caudill

Solar Industry Update

Paul Caudill, President, MidAmerican Solar
Mr. Caudill of MidAmerican Solar, a division of MidAmerican Renewables and an emerging industry leader in ownership of solar energy generation, introduced MidAmerican Solar, provided information about the company’s generation portfolio, and highlighted key information about the solar industry.

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Jim Tague

The Energy Dynamic: From Global to Local

Jim Tague, V.P. Finance and Planning, E&B Natural Resources
Economic growth and energy supply are indelibly linked. Without inexpensive, readily available energy, future worldwide economic growth cannot be guaranteed. All forms of energy – from fossil fuels to renewables – will be required to provide the energy necessary for future economic growth. Unfortunately, each and every source of energy comes with its own unique set of challenges. These challenges must be addressed both technologically and politically for the world to secure the energy it needs. Failure to do so will lead to a world of energy have and have-nots, with potentially dire consequences for future generations.

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George Minter

The Future of Natural Gas, a Foundational Fuel for a Clean Energy Future

George Minter, Director of Policy and Environmental Solutions, Southern California Gas Company
As lawmakers, regulators and others seek energy sources which are “clean” and “green,” natural gas cannot be dismissed as a fuel on its way out, nor thought of as a transitional fuel to something “greener.” The cleanest burning fossil fuel is, in fact, a foundational fuel, and with a 100-year domestic supply available in North America, natural gas is poised to be around for the long haul. As natural gas is used more in transportation and other non-traditional applications, it will help provide for a clean energy future, extend our domestic supply of petroleum and the life of oil fields such as those in Kern County, and provide America with greater fuel independence.

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Rick Miller

Siting Practices and Wind Repowering

Rick Miller, Director of Wind Business, EDF Renewable Energy (West Region)
Mr. Miller focused on wind siting practices and provided an overview of the process and related hurtles when repowering wind energy facilities. The practice is becoming more common as older generation wind farms are coming to the end of their original contracted life.

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Mike Dozier

Enhancing the San Joaquin Valley’s Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Ecosystem

Mike Dozier, Executive Director, Office of Community and Economic Development at Fresno State
Mr. Dozier discussed the regional effort to advance the business environment and talent pipeline for alternative fuels and vehicles employers throughout the eight-county San Joaquin Valley. Special focus was given to Electric Vehicle, Bio Fuels, and Natural Gas technologies. Employers are strongly encouraged to participate in this project by sharing input on growth opportunities and challenges confronting their industry.

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Andy Atiyeh

Energy Storage Panel

Andy Atiyeh, A2Consulting
The energy industry has been evolving and energy storage is being touted as the holy grail of the power generation and delivery industry. As demand for electricity is growing, the load factors of existing traditional power system assets is decreasing, while the cost and difficulty of developing new power plants and transmission lines is increasing. Mr. Atiyeh and Mr. Potter discussed how energy storage can address energy storage demand response and achieve higher electric system efficiencies, improve reliability, and result in better rates.

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David Potter

Energy Storage Panel

David Potter, Senior Project Director, Chevron Energy Solutions

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Lorelei Oviatt

Kern County Energy: Streamlining Permitting

Lorelei Oviatt, Director of Community and Planning Development, Kern County Planning Department
Kern County is leading California in lowering regulatory hurdles in order to promote energy production in all sectors. Ms. Oviatt discussed what’s next for renewable energy in the oil and gas sectors when it comes to streamlined permitting and economic stability.

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Robert Foster

Keynote Address:

Robert Foster, Mayor of Long Beach & Former President of Southern California Edison
Mr. Foster spoke on the future of the electricity grid in California, including an update on progress toward 33% renewable energy, the electricity supply without the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), and the growth of rooftop solar and decentralized generation.

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