DeWalt Celebrates 50th Anniversary


Kern EDC Spotlights DeWalt’s 50 years of Excellence Outstanding Work

Serving Bakersfield, Kern County and the Southern San Joaquin Valley since 1965, DeWalt Corporation is a multi-disciplined civil engineer and consulting firm specializing in land surveying, civil engineering, 3D Services and land planning. DeWalt Corporation has been an investor with Kern EDC for several years and provides their professional services to a diverse development market that includes, but is not limited to: residential, commercial and industrial land development, oil field infrastructure development, school and municipal civil infrastructure, alternative energy, civil infrastructure, storm water pollution prevention, complementary highway design support and legal consultation.

DeWalt Corporation’s inception began as Dennis W. DeWalt Inc. and consisted of a one man operation in 1965. DeWalt Corporations first achievements consisted of the first year’s revenues exceeding $50,000. Revenues doubled in year two of operation, and two part-time employees were added to the firm. A client base developed which is still with the company today. Through much hard work and dedication to providing premium service to his clients, DeWalt developed a solid reputation in Kern County.


In 1967, first full time employees were hired. The company continued to grow steadily through 1972, at which time several employees were added and offices were opened on Niles Street.

Shareholders were introduced to DeWalt Corporation in 1978. Dennis W. DeWalt, Inc. had grown to thirty five employees servicing mainly the agriculture irrigation and oilfield industries. The firm incorporated as Dennis W. DeWalt, Inc. in 1973. Construction surveying expanded during the next five years with annual revenues increasing to approximately $1 million. A brief cut-back was experienced in 1982 due to the sluggish economy, which gave the firm an opportunity to restructure and reorganize. By the end of the year growth began at a slow, controlled rate. Larger projects were being designed and engineered including the Rio Bravo Golf Course area, Rancho Laborde in Northwest Bakersfield and Stallion Springs in the Tehachapi Mountains.

In 1986 Dennis W. DeWalt, Inc. became DeWalt-Porter Engineering, recognizing the contributions of engineering director and new Vice President, Fred Porter. DeWalt-Porter continued to find significant clients and participated in noteworthy Kern County projects into the 1990s. A small sample of successful projects which were planned, engineered, and surveyed consist of: Keene Ranch, Mojave Airport-Civilian Test Flight Center, Calloway Country, Cal Vista Estates and the Polo Grounds Porter.

Staying ahead of the competition

To remain on the cutting edge of engineering design and technology the company added computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) capabilities in 1988. The firm provides the computer operators with the most current and advanced civil engineering, structural, and architectural software and computer hardware available. This allows the company to perform virtually every aspect of engineering projects in the most professional, economical, and technologically relevant manner.

ToniChicPhotography096Porter’s departure from the corporation in 1990 provided the impetus for our current name, DeWalt Corporation. In 2004 DeWalt agreed to terms with Jeffrey A. Gutierrez, a long time employee, on the sale of the corporate stock and all interests in DeWalt Corporation. By 2007, Gutierrez had completed the terms of the corporate buyout and continues today as the President and Chief Executive Officer of DeWalt Corporation. Under Gutierrez’s guidance, the corporation has diversified their professional civil engineering and land surveying services.

Securing major projects has been one of the success factors of DeWalt Corporation. Recent major projects include work on tracks for Lennox Homes and Froehlich Signature Homes, as well as various segments of the California High Speed Rail project. DeWalt’s commitment to safety is portrayed through our involvement in Southern California Gas’s PSEP (Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan) project; of which, the entirety of the scope is to make our communities safer places.

Now, fifty years after DeWalt Corporation’s beginnings, they’re honored and humbled to build on the successes forged by the diligence and resolve of their founders. The longevity of corporate achievement and consistency over decades of dependable service and reliable production provide a solid foundation to support current operations and future endeavors.

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