K-12 Education
School Districts 48
Elementary Schools 158
Junior High/Middle Schools 46
High Schools 35
Total Enrollment (K-12) 180,304
Average Class Size 23
Source: Ed-Data, FY 2014-2015
Kern County Education 

Four Year Universities

California State University, Bakersfield

Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

The Economist (October 31, 2015, “The Value of University: Where’s Best?”) ranking of colleges and universities based on the economic value of attendance places California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) at #10 out of 1,275 4‐year, non‐vocational U.S. colleges and universities. The Economist measured the value added of attending a particular college by calculating the difference in alumni’s actual earnings and their predicted earnings, based on students’ characteristics and background at the time they enrolled. A range of student and institutional variables from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard and other sources were used, including: average SAT scores; gender ratio; racial makeup; fields of study; size of enrollment; percentage of Pell Grant recipients; whether the institution has a ranked undergraduate business school, is a liberal arts college, public or private, or Catholic‐ or Protestant‐affiliated; the wealth of the state and prevailing wages in the city where the institution is located; and whether an institution’s students are not profit‐driven. These variables account for 85% of the variation in the salaries between colleges. Isolating the university’s contribution from student characteristics provides a measure of the value added solely from aspects of the university. Ten years after enrollment, CSUB alumni’s actual median earnings were $48,100 compared to the $37,028 their backgrounds suggested they would earn. The $11,072 over‐performance places CSUB in the 99th (highest) percentile of value‐added institutions, not only leading all campuses in the CSU and UC systems, but also all private 4‐year institutions except one.

In contrast, popular college rankings published by U.S. News & World Report are based on surveys of reputation that tend to focus on the most selective institutions, and measure qualities of the students who select those institutions, as opposed to the unique difference the university makes to its students’ economic success. Some institutions perennially listed at the top of college popularity rankings were lower on this value‐added listing, indicating their students’ economic success was attributable to the characteristics of the students, who would have fared well irrespective of the institution attended. The Economist ranking validates our commitment to student success and the difference CSUB makes to economic success in our community.

Additional CSUB accolades include:

• Carnegie Community Engagement Classification – Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (2015). The award of this nationally competitive classification validates our commitment to the strategic goal “strengthening community engagement.”

• Ranked #5 among nursing schools in California by College Atlas based on affordability, academic quality, accessibility, and NCLEX‐RN board exam passage rates (June 19, 2015)

• Ranked #39 by TIME Magazine in its listing of top colleges and universities based on accessibility, affordability, and degree completion (April 24, 2014)

• Ranked #54 by Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education (May 18, 2015) in its listing of Top 100 colleges for degrees granted to Hispanic students

• Ranked #8 Best Bang for the Buck by Washington Monthly among baccalaureate colleges and universities in the West (2015)

• Ranked at the 95th percentile by The Brookings Institute for expected student earnings (October 29, 2015)

• Ranked in the Top 50 ‐ Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education (November 23, 2015) Publisher’s Pick of the Top 50 colleges and universities nationwide that provide outstanding opportunities for Hispanic students

• Ranked #5 among all 23 CSU campuses for STEM‐related grant funding with $54 million in active grants (behind much larger campuses Long Beach, Los Angeles, Northridge, and San Diego)


(661) 654-CSUB
9001 Stockdale Hwy
Bakersfield, CA 93311

Enrollment: 9,000

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Edwards AFB
World’s largest, fully accredited university specializing in aviation and aerospace

Fresno Pacific University – Bakersfield Center
Teaching certification, undergraduate and graduate degrees

University of LaVerne – Bakersfield Campus
Undergraduate and graduate degrees

University of Phoenix – Bakersfield Center
Teaching certification, undergraduate and graduate degrees

Community Colleges And Trade Schools

Bakersfield College
Certificate and associates degrees

Cerro Coso Community College
Certificate and associates degrees, honor programs

DeVry University Bakersfield Center
Certificate, associates and undergraduate degrees

Kaplan College
Certificate and associates degrees

National University – Bakersfield  Center
Certificates, undergraduate and graduate degrees

San Joaquin Valley College
Certificate and associates degrees

Santa Barbara Business College
Certificate and associates degrees

Taft College
Certificate and associates degrees

Safety certifications

United Educational Institute
Certificate and associates degrees


Employment and Training Centers

Bakersfield Adult School

Carney’s Business Technology Center

Delano Adult School

America’s Job Center

Employers’ Training Resource

Kern County Regional Occupational Program

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