Population growth remains high in Kern County, bolstered by a young population, growing job opportunities, and affordable home prices. According to the California Economic Forecast report, Kern will continue to attract new residents over the forecast horizon and the growth of population will modestly accelerate.

Total Kern County Population:


Source: State of California, Department of Finance, 2019

Total Bakersfield Population:


Source: State of California, Department of Finance, 2019

Regional Demographic Comparisons

Compared to neighboring counties, Kern County leads the way for highest Per Capita Income, Gross Domestic Product, and Taxable Sales!

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Demographic Forecast

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Kern County Population Breakdown


Ethnicity Percentage of Population
Hispanic or Latina Origin 52.2%
White, not Hispanic 75.1%
Black 5.5%
Asian 4.7%
Two or more races 4.3%
American Indian and Alaska Native 1.1%
Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander persons 0.2%
Female 48.7%
Male 51.3%
0-17 29.3%
18-24 10.8%
25-34 15.2%
35-44 12.5%
45-54 11.80%
55-64 10.2%
65-74 6.1%
75+ 4.1%


*Percentages do not add up to 100% due to rounding and because individuals may identify themselves under more than one category.


Source: ACS 2015-2019, American Community Survey