Taft’s central location and connection to larger metropolitan areas via major interstate and state highways will benefit any relocating business. Proximity to the growing Central Valley and Southern California markets provides easy and direct access to the entire state. The city has an Enterprise Zone designation, which offers substantial tax benefits to businesses located within the zone area. Recently, the city of Taft acquired a 46-acre site for redevelopment in the heart of downtown. Planned for the area is “Green Landmark” development (locally referred to as the Union Pacific Rail Road Project – UPRR) with a mix of uses that will create a vibrant 24/7 community lifestyle center.

The Oil Workers Monument, donated to the City of Taft in October of 2010, is the center of the UPRR project and has become a significant draw for tourism. Honoring the oil industry upon which Taft was founded and built on the site of the Historic Union Pacific and Sunset Railroad lines, the $1.1 million sculpture was dedicated during the 100 Year Anniversary of the city’s incorporation and is located within walking distance of the Oil Museum. It is also recognized as the tallest bronze in the State of California. Rails to Trails, a lighted bike and walking path, travels the length of the city providing a safe and beautiful view of the downtown area with water fountains, covered picnic areas, and displays of sculpture and art. Its appreciation for its roots and commitment to growth gives Taft a special and unique sense of place.


The main characteristics of good academic writing in English

Many students and researchers are still confused about how to write good academic papers of various different kinds in English. Academic writing must be distinguished from other formal styles of writing such as official and business as stated by Jordan (1986 p. 18). The main characteristics of “good academic writing” have been the focus of much debate in the general field of writing skills, as have the significance of language discourse functions and the important role that they play when it comes to producing “good academic writing”. This essay will define what “academic writing” is and identify the main characteristics of “good academic writing”. The ultimate aim discount michael kors of this essay will be to analyse the role that language discourse cheap michael kors handbags functions have in such texts and give suggestions on how to overcome the challenges that might arise from such characteristics and functions for non native speakers of English.

2. What is “academic writing?”

First of all, we must define what “academic writing” is to identify its features. Jordan (1999, p. 16 17) also define “academic writing” in terms of formality. Its contents that must be a serious thought and it should be constructed using a variety of complex grammatical fake cheap Michael kors handbags structures which have no errors. The vocabulary utilised should be varied and of a technical level appropriate to the subject matter. This will be discussed further in Section 3.

Moreover, Anderson and Poole cheap michael kors bags (2001, p. 9) focus on defining the problem in academic writing. They assert that the first step must be to define the problem which involves determining what is being asked in the question or the title.

As mentioned before, I can summarise that Academic writing can be defined as the way that we express our ideas, knowledge and information clearly in terms of discussing an academic problem. It must address a topic or title clearly. It has some characteristics that must be addressed in the text such as accuracy, organisation, argument, coherence, cohesion, appropriateness and referencing. These characteristics help the reader to understand the academic problem in a crucial way by discussing many points of view relating to it.

3. fake michael kors The main characteristics of “good academic writing”

There are many characteristics of “good academic writing”. Many researchers such as cheap michael kors purses Anderson and Poole (2001), Jordan (1986, 1999), Hamp Lyons and Heasley (2006), Treciak (2000), Greetham (2001), Brown and Hood (1998) and Carter (1999) discuss those features in different ways. I have outlined the main characteristics under the following sub headings:

When replica cheap Michael Kors we talk about organisation in academic writing, we really need to focus on a clear introduction, body and conclusion. The progression of ideas and paragraphing must be clear and supported with examples. We also have to present a reasonable number of alternative points of view and to achieve a sense of argumentation.

Greetham (2001, p. replica michael kors 182 202) focuses on the importance of the introduction, paragraphs and conclusion that must be clear and coherent. Regarding conclusions, Greetham (2001 p. 197) says:

“The opinions you express in the conclusion must reflect the strength and balance of the arguments that have preceded them in the body of the essay.”

Anderson and Poole (2001, p. 17) suggest that we should have an introduction, body and conclusion. They believe that the introduction has to begin with an obvious statement of the problem and provide the readers with all essential data that is to follow. Anderson and Poole (2001, p. Furthermore, the conclusion can be used to suggest further areas of investigation.

Although both Greetham (2001) and Anderson and Poole (2001) generally emphasise the significance of organisation in the academic text at the same level, I strongly agree with Anderson and Poole especially in terms of having an argument in the body. I feel that academic writing is created to have an argument that must be developed throughout the body especially at postgraduate humanities level. You have to approach the task in a direct and efficient way. The development of the argument must be relevant, accurate and appropriate.

Davies (2008) believes that successful academic writing must address a topic or title clearly. When doing a final review of your work, it is important to focus on the relationships between the ideas that have been discussed.

In addition, online resources can be invaluable in order to provide excellent definitions of key words such as analyse, define, criticize, discuss, describe, explain, justify, illustrate and many more.

In accuracy, we have to have high standards of grammar, word choice, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.

Brown and Hood (1998, pp. 26 34) believe that spelling and punctuation are writing sub skills. Therefore, they provide many examples, exercises and strategies to avoid having mistakes that generally cause confusion. (It means all passengers)

2. The passengers who travelled early were killed in the accident. (It means only some passengers)” cheap michael kors (Altakhaineh, 2008, p. 135).

In addition, Jordan (1986, pp. 10 18) also provides many examples and exercises that reveal the importance of grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation. The misuse of tenses changes the meaning and spelling mistakes causes confusion. He also distinguishes the differences between some verbs lead to confusion such as ‘lend’ and ‘borrow’, ‘rise’, ‘arise’, ‘raise’ and ‘increase’, ‘make’ and ‘do’ and ‘say’ and ‘tell’ as a part of taking care of word choice and the use of words.

It is important to show a good range of vocabulary and sentence structures and to avoid repetition. The message should be clear to follow without effort on cheap Michael Kors the part of the reader by using a good style. In addition, repetition can appear awkward and inappropriate in English as compared to some other languages such as Arabic.

In terms of style, Davies (2008) mentions five constituents for “good style” which I have summarised as follows:

Be explicit: Although the reader may have a general background in the general subject it is essential to explicitly state the conclusions.Articles Connexes: