The City of Delano is the second largest city in Kern County boasting a population of approximately 53,000. Located along State Highway 99 and well-connected to surrounding communities, Delano is emerging as a center of trade. Current retail demand is calculated over $520 million and it is projected to increase to $795 million. On the industrial side, Delano has over 900 acres with the General Plan Designation. Delano’s economy has been enhanced by the arrival of the Sears Logistics Distribution Center, Paramount Citrus, the California State Prison Correctional Facility, Delano Energy and Railex. Paramount Citrus is currently expanding its facility with the construction of a 10-acre facility which will create an additional 500 jobs. Both commercial and industrial industries can greatly benefit from the newly awarded State Enterprise Zone which offers state tax breaks and other benefits for all companies for the next 15 years.

With all its success, Delano’s roots remain embedded in agriculture. The city’s citrus and table grapes are particularly renowned for their high quality, and the region ships hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of commodities throughout the US and to 85 foreign countries.

The City of Delano is a commercially-active and culturally-diverse community that maintains its small-town character while experiencing a rapidly-growing population. Ready to embrace change, Delano is exploding with potential and possibilities.

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