Communities in Kern


The city of Arvin is best known for its strong agricultural industries, especially the Grimmway carrot packaging plant.

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Strategically located in one of the world’s largest economies, and within four hours of 90% of California’s population, Bakersfield is a place where cutting-edge technological development is blended with a rich history of agriculture and oil production.

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California City

California City, with its endless sunshine and humidity-free climate, is positioned for a commuting workforce to reach East Kern’s seven major employers within under 30 minutes.

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The City of Delano is the second largest city in Kern County boasting a population of approximately 53,000.

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The City of McFarland is one of Kern County’s most progressive rural communities.

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The City of Ridgecrest is a small town of 27,616 residents that offers affordable housing and metropolitan amenities.

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The City of Shafter is one of the most active areas of California for both business and residential development.

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Taft’s central location and connection to larger metropolitan areas via major interstate and state highways will benefit any relocating business.

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Nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills on the crossroads of commercial connectivity, Tehachapi boasts a family friendly, business-growth oriented, comfortably convenient and healthy environment.

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It would be difficult to find a more dynamic location for your business than the City of Wasco, “The Rose Capital of the Nation.”

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Other Communities in Kern County

Frazier Park / Lebec

Situated in southernmost Kern County, the unincorporated Mountain Communities region of Frazier Park, Lebec, Lake of the Woods, Pinion Pines and Pine Mountain Club serves as a vacation spot for Southern California and San Joaquin Valley residents. The area is home to a diverse population of over 7,000.
An attractive location for light manufacturing, the area maintains a small-town sensibility yet offers easy access to the major transportation artery provided by nearby Interstate 5. Proximity to major outdoor attractions (Los Padres National Forest, Hungry Valley State Vehicle Recreation Area) and easy access to Bakersfield and the Los Angeles basin not only create a wealth of opportunities for tourism-related businesses but provide a quality-of-life incentive for potential employees.

Frazier Park

Kern River Valley

The Kern River Valley (KRV) and its nearly 15,000 residents are at the heart of California’s southern Sierra Nevada. This outdoor recreation paradise is home to Isabella Lake and features affordable, service-oriented communities around its shores including Alta Sierra, Bodfish, Kernville, Lake Isabella, Mountain Mesa, Onyx, South Lake, Squirrel Valley, Weldon, and Wofford Heights.

Lake Isabella/Bodfish is the Kern River Valley’s recognized commercial retail center. Kernville, with its tasteful, western-themed architecture, is the tourism/visitor center. Increased high-end Internet connectivity is attracting non-polluting, high-tech-based businesses, fully complementing the 500+ service businesses and light industries already found in the KRV. The presence of the Kern Valley Hospital is recognized as a key to the health of a vibrant KRV.

The Kern River Valley is the eastern and southern gateway to the Sequoia National Forest and its 327,769-acre Giant Sequoia National Monument. It is home to two National Wild & Scenic Rivers. Some of the widely recognized world-class outdoor recreational offerings centered in the KRV are birding, hiking, kayaking (Olympic training area), rock climbing, and whitewater rafting (40,000 rafters per year). Among recreational amenities of national, state, or regional renown are cross-country skiing, fishing, getaway weekends, water skiing, and windsurfing.

Kern County residents are increasingly recognizing that nature’s playground is right here in their own backyard…in the Kern River Valley…benefiting the County’s economy by keeping locally earned money in Kern County.



Since 2000, Lamont has experienced population growth of over 10% and is now home to approximately 15,000 residents. Due to its growth, Lamont enjoys a significant available workforce. Because of its close proximity to Bakersfield (11 miles) and Los Angeles (89 miles), it is a great commercial resource for Kern County businesses both big and small.

Lamont boasts an affordable cost-of-living and dedicated immigrant community (from both Mexico and Central America) which serve as the cornerstone of its population and workforce.



Mojave is an unincorporated community of over 4,000, governed by the business-friendly Kern County Board of Supervisors. From its origin as a railroad construction camp in 1876, Mojave has emerged as the hub of Kern County aerospace activity. Nearby Edwards Air Force Base is a key employer while the facilities at Mojave Spaceport (location of the first private spaceflight, the launch of SpaceShipOne, on June 21, 2004) include the civilian National Test Pilot School, Burt Rutan’s Scaled Composites, The Spaceship Company, and several space-related businesses. The nearby Tehachapi Pass is a reliable source of renewable energy and is one of the world’s largest wind energy areas. In addition, a booming solar energy business is developing thanks to nearly 300 sunny days per year.
The community is strategically situated at the crossroads of transportation, served by two state highways (SR 14 and SR 58) and the confluence of the Union Pacific and the BNSF Rail Systems. Mojave Spaceport’s 12,000-foot runway is capable of handling heavy commercial aircraft including a fully-loaded 747.



Officially established in 1877, Rosamond was named after the daughter of an official of the Southern Pacific Railroad and is often referred to as the Gateway to Edwards Air Force Base. It is home to approximately 18,000 residents and is a family-based community with that small-town feeling, neighborhood parks, schools and local shopping.

Visitors to Rosamond can watch racing at the Willow Springs International Raceway, visit the Exotic Feline Compound, see the old mining town of Tropico and eat soft-serve ice cream at one of the oldest established Fosters Freeze.

As a growing community, Rosamond provides opportunity for new home development, business opportunity and growth. Conveniently located in the southeast corner of Kern County, residents of Rosamond have easy access to local mountains, beaches and cities for both work and play. Mildly high desert temperatures and clean air afford residents the ability to enjoy the outdoors all year-around.

Information Compiled by Kern Economic Development Corporation and provided by individual cities, January 2012.


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